Vertical Integration


In the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela exists a marked schism between rich and poor. There is no inbetween. The rich live in the centre of the city with access to amenities and infrastructure that most take for granted. The poor live in the outlying ‘barios’ or slums where electricity is stolen from the grid, roads are chaotic, unorganised and dangerous, there is little public safety and a growing culture of social unrest. In addition, the physical geography is such that landslides that destroy homes and lives are an expected everyday occurrence. Our project examined ways in which these conditions could be addressed functionally in a form that was modular, able to be built autonomously according to given guidelines, whilst providing a stable infrastructure from which creative social and commercial activity could prosper. The team members were Michaela Ikin, Linda Bennett and Elias Khamis.

Housing 3
Housing 4
Site Drawings
Housing 5
Housing 6
Elevations & Axonometric
Housing 7


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