‘Boy’ Charlton Pool Project


The redevelopment of the ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool saw the upgrade of the 1950s facility at The Domain into a state of the art swimming centre in the mid 1990s. As such, it made an ideal university project combining urban design, space planning and a considered approach to a sensitive building type. The inspiration for my design shown in this collection of drawings was the previously existing timber slatted Woolloomooloo Baths built at the turn of the century that were pulled down to make way for the new 1950s building. It was an enchanted evening the night I discovered a set of large format original photographs of these old baths in near mint condition at the Mitchell Library. As I carefully sorted through the images I wondered about the daily lives of the people whose faces they contained, what they were like, their hardships and circumstances, how they came to be at the baths, how often and where they had come from. Ultimately these people were just like you and I, albeit a different time, with the same collective humanity. I remember being so thrilled with my fascinating find as I ordered prints of the photos I liked and inspired by the awkward but somehow beautiful structures that formed the baths and shadows cast by them. In the end my design was essentially based around this idea; simple sturdy timber slatted structures that provided shade from the sun and cast shadow in mysterious shapes on the surfaces around them. I have attempted to capture these shadows and the rustic intent of my design in these drawings done to support my architectural documentation.

Concept Drawing
boy week one
Traversing the Edge of the Water
pool 1
Plan & Section
Plan, Section & Elevations
pool 6
pool 4
pool 5
pool 2
Perspective Drawing
pool 3
Perspective Drawing

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