Next Gen II


The Next Gen II masters studio examined affordable housing for the aged located on a site in the Central Coast region. The design of an economical model for housing for the aged can be productively achieved through the use of prefabricated construction, allowing choice and therefore a series of diverse options for the consumer whilst giving a sense of identity. All modules are imagined as portable prefabricated components that can be affordably transported and installed according to given constraints.

Each dwelling will be formed around an efficient prefabricated core, containing all services, wet areas and functional elements. Each core will be system intensive, ideally supporting solar energy, rainwater collection and water recycling technology.

The intention is for each core to be subsidised by government, supplied to and administered by the estate and its central management structure, providing essential control over any given tenancy appropriate to the flexible nature of legal agreements.

The cores are to be complemented by connected modular prefabricated living components containing required accommodation, such as bedrooms, dining, living and storage areas. The choice and arrangement of the supporting components is to be made by the user, based on affordability and lifestyle requirements. The materials for all buildings are intended to be of sustainable origins and have a minimum life span of fifty years notwithstanding appropriate maintenance.

Our affordable approach for the dwellings is to be supplemented by shared communal facilities and recreational spaces integrated in a manner appropriate to the site strategy and offering potential social connections outside site boundaries. To further enhance our sustainable objectives we propose to utilise and improve the existing on-site sewerage treatment facility.

Housing 15Housing 14Housing 9Housing 10Housing 11Housing 12Housing 13

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