My Studio


The studio at Ikin Design is always busy with the buzz of experimentation for new lines and styles for my online range. Based in Sydney NSW, I am the proud owner of three sewing machines. The first, shown here, is a red Oneki Toyota, used only for test pieces and art works as it has an embroidery feature, which I am still mastering! The second is a contemporary Singer, which she uses for production work. The third but not least is a vintage Singer, complete with collapsible table, the gift of a dear friend. It belonged to my friend’s Mother who has passed away and is therefore a prized possession. Although not in working state right now as the lathe is broken, it is intended that one day when I have a bigger space, I will get it operational again. For the moment the table alone is a beautiful addition to the space, holding all the haberdashery. The studio wall, shown in part to the right of this shot, is covered in new samples and a vision board featuring the beloved Matisse (in his studio) and an embroidery piece from school for which I won the sewing prize that year.