Well it’s that time of year again when we all go a little crazy and let our collective hair down to have some fun! But spare a thought for the environment this Christmas with the following big five tips.

Michaela’s five tips for a greener Christmas

  1. Think about giving the gift that gives this year. Give someone who would appreciate it a child sponsorship, or make a donation to a charity close to their heart on their behalf. You can still buy and write a really special message in a card which tells them exactly how much they mean to you. The effect will last for a lot longer than some fancy underwear or socks!
  2. Recycle your Christmas wrap but remember: foil and glitter paper can’t be recycled so why not veto it altogether. The recipient will see the sparkle in your eyes instead.
  3. When preparing the Christmas dinner, reduce the amount of plastic wrap (or do as I have and get rid of it altogether) and plastic bags that are used. If you must buy food in plastic, make sure you recycle what can be re-used. A handy tip is to buy re-usable silicone container lids which easily stretch to any sized bowl or dish. They come in packs of five in different sizes and are available online and at boutique grocery stores. I have even seen them at the markets. Also good for wrapping food – waxed paper wraps – these are great for wrapping leftovers and keep food fresh in the fridge for ages.
  4. Buy a Christmas tree in a pot that will grow from year to year rather than buying a big tree, which comes from a tree farm. If we all stopped buying them, we would find a better use for the land and not use the precious resources taken for their cultivation. You could also use your imagination to create a ‘tree’ like making a 2D version made from a large decorated piece of paper that you put up on the wall, or get inventive with making a tree shape from origami birds on a string – the options with paper decorations are endless! Create!
  5. Last but not least, try to avoid gimmicky Christmas products that are single use, like various party favors and the like. (including plastic plates and cups) The plastic parts from these kinds of things just end up in landfill or our oceans.

So stay safe and be green this Christmas! Hug your friends and family, be joyous and celebrate life – there’s no better time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love and stitches,

Michaela x


Welcome to IkinDesign’s Blog Page

So who or what is IkinDesign? My name is Michaela Ikin and I have been sewing since I was given a toy ‘Singer’ machine as a child. I was taught to embroider, follow a pattern to make anything, crochet and knit by my Mother whose methods were not strictly by the book, so I learnt simply by example. Needless to say, I also have a make-it-up-as-you-go approach to my work, but the proof is in the finishing – I take pride in my well-crafted, completed projects. For those who don’t know, in the production of my say-no-to-plastic products, I have a zero waste production line. Every off-cut from my fabrics are used in some form, even the scraps. So now as an adult who owns a business, I love nothing better than creating unique and stylish accessories for the eco-concious!!

The picture above features the lovely Sonia Nesci who is a Health and Wellness Coach at The Bella Concept. Sonia and I have been friends for 18 years and in that time she has transitioned from IT Professional to her real passion and calling, helping people. Her programmes incorporate a combination of yoga meditation, mindfulness, personal fitness training , massage therapy, corrective exercise and guidance on Nutrition and supplementation. I am honoured to have her as the model for my products shown above.

In the course of this monthly blog I will cover aspects of environmental practice for the home and provide ways in which you can make a difference through simple choices that will shift your lifestyle footprint. It is my way of ‘sharing the love’ where I get to combine the promotion of my plastic-free, zero waste products with providing information for a more environmental way of living.

So sign up to the blog and get green!

Love and stitches,

Michaela x