Michaela Ikin

Hi! I am Michaela Ikin, Artist, Designer and Maker. I have been sewing since I was given a toy ‘Singer’ machine as a child. I was taught to embroider, follow a pattern to make anything, crochet and knit by my Mother whose methods were not strictly by the book, so I learnt simply by example. Needless to say, I also have a make-it-up-as-you-go approach to my work, but the proof is in the finishing – I take pride in my well-crafted, completed projects. Just to let you know, in producing my save-the-world-say-no-to-plastic products, I have a zero waste production line. Every off-cut from my fabrics are used in some form, even the scraps. So now as an adult with my own business, I love nothing better than creating unique and stylish accessories for the eco-conscious.

I also have a naughty Russian Blue cat named Indigo who is my constant companion during late night stints of designing and making. He kinda thinks he’s the boss.